Txteagle in Flight: Mobile Data Collection for Disaster Preparedness

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Feb 07, 2011. Txteagle is a data collection and engagement platform that leverages mobile airtime compensation for data collection and customer engagement. It is currently used by one nonprofit organization to survey constituents about disaster preparedness. We looked into the company and one of its customers.  Txteagle widely advertises its ability to… Continue reading Txteagle in Flight: Mobile Data Collection for Disaster Preparedness

Press 1 for Chickens

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Aug 11, 2010 Two years ago, Bev Clark, the co-founder of Kubatana.net, was awarded a large grant as part of the Knight News Challenge for Freedom Fone, an open-source software platform for distributing news and information through interactive voice response (IVR) technology.  Freedom Fone was officially launched in late February of this… Continue reading Press 1 for Chickens