SharedSolar: Mobiles and Micro-Grids for More Efficient Energy

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Jun 13, 2011. It is an unfortunate irony that often the poorest people pay the most for the lowest quality energy. In many areas, the rural poor pay as much as 5 USD per month for kerosene or battery power. SharedSolar is a project that attempts to develop the technology and business case to connect… Continue reading SharedSolar: Mobiles and Micro-Grids for More Efficient Energy

Harnessing Off-Grid Power from Mobile Networks

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Dec 10, 2010. Nearly 1.6 billion people in the world live without access to electricity. This is a quarter of all humanity. At the same time, off-grid power stations from mobile towers often produce excess energy. A new initiative from the GSMA Development Fund in partnership with Lighting Africa, International Finance Corporation and World Bank, seeks… Continue reading Harnessing Off-Grid Power from Mobile Networks