Mobile Tech in Community Radio: Still Ad-Hoc and One-Off

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Jul 06, 2010. In 2008, Bruce Girard concluded in a guest post that the addition of text messaging technology into the community radio toolkit was still in its infancy. SMS use at radio stations was informal, he wrote, and the few cases of more complex use of SMS messages accompanied political crisis… Continue reading Mobile Tech in Community Radio: Still Ad-Hoc and One-Off

Press 1 for Chickens

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Aug 11, 2010 Two years ago, Bev Clark, the co-founder of, was awarded a large grant as part of the Knight News Challenge for Freedom Fone, an open-source software platform for distributing news and information through interactive voice response (IVR) technology.  Freedom Fone was officially launched in late February of this… Continue reading Press 1 for Chickens